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About Felicia Ceballos-Marroquin

As a musician, Felicia learned how to innovate, improvise and experiment. She learned to truly play with technology in order to create new and exciting outcomes.

When combined with the organization skills and disciplined she honed at the University of California in Berkeley, you have an individual who can not only play, but build. Her curiosity and ability to self-teach allows her to learn programming languages and frameworks easily so she continues to grow.

She has practiced her craft for over 10 years, most recently as the Technical Operations Manager for a Mortgage Bank and in that time creatively optimized a sales pipeline that allowed the company to experience explosive growth, landing on the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies two years in a row.

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Creating Unity

Acting as Liaison between groups and individuals, especially between technical and non-technical teams


Composing reports, letters, articles, stories, sensitive communication or educational materials


Influencing team members to reach goals while building confidence, trust and accountability

Systems Thinking

Integrating ideas and information and bringing together diverse elements into a functioning whole


Creating unique ideas or combining existing ideas to obtain a new or unique result.

Initiate Change

Identify limits holding company back and unlock them by exerting influence on the status quo and exercising leadership

Organizing Information

Keep information systems neat and accessible. Aggregating undocumented information and sharing across the organization.

Create Visual Beauty

An eye for visually communicating a pleasing aesthetic style with professionalism, neatness and attractiveness.

Manage Resources

Budgeting time, money, personnel and finding ways of and doing more with less while still reaching goals and not compromising quality

Getting Things Done

Determination, resourcefulness and problem solving skills to achieve complex tasks in the face of tight deadlines or minimal resources

For a list of hard skills, including software, languages and frameworks, visit the skills page.

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A Beautiful Big Picture

In a nutshell, I create harmony, bring things together and move organizations forward, no matter what

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